Michael Jackson and Bubbles

This is a sculpture called “Michael Jackson and Bubbles” by Jeff Koons. I’ve seen this in person but was recently re-introduced to it in my freshman seminar on kitsch and thought it was interesting how something so unsettling (and kind of ugly) is considered ‘high art’ and worth a huge amount of money.

PS: It was nice to meet all of you!


2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson and Bubbles

  1. For you, was seeing it in person different than seeing it digitally/did the sculpture still retain it’s kitschiness in person?
    Also worth thinking about/researching are Koons’ studio, and the fabrication of each piece.


  2. The kitschiness was the same level but it was certainly less creepy because I was not at the eye level of MJ or Bubbles. If anything, seeing it in person increased the shock factor due to its large size and vibrant gold against the white walls of the museum.


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