Personality of Materials

We talked about wooden tables and how they take on the persona of the wood used. I think this article shows something similar. As an engineer I like to see technology find new uses. This is one case where I am slightly unsure. While 3D printing glass art is faster and repeatable, ebbs and flow of the glass artisan’s work is gone. I think it could be helpful to artists in the case they use printed pieces as bases for their own creative work. Thoughts?


One thought on “Personality of Materials

  1. The glass artisan takes on new meaning here. Does it become more of a design/algorithm based process because of the modeling that has to happen prior to it being printed. One of the most unexpected parts of the video documentation was towards the end where the light shines through the glass and creates a fabric of really intricate light patterns on the pedestal. There seems like a lot of room to work within this medium beyond its initial form – especially in how other mediums can potentially interact/intersect.


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