Google Logo Change

A staple of so many of our lives involve searching Google. The logo is familiar and in my daily life not thought about unless there is a theme change reminding me of a holiday or commemorating an event. Yesterday the design changed into more block letters (I included a photo below of of the current design vs. the previous design). The design was controversial, some describing the logo as too childish for such a tech company. However, some describe these changes as not only a design change but a conceptual change in how users connect with the Google brand. With a more “childish” or equalizing design, some believe that Google is subscribing to a “Bauhaus” belief that advocated the democratization of design and removing the exclusivity of design. Now Google has a streamlined front between their design accessible to all and their search engine accessible to all. This is of interest for this course as the colors and basic schematic of the Google logo essentially remained the same, but a simple change in typography or font significantly alters the attitude that Google sends out to its users.



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