Gods on Earth

In honor of the start of football season, I’ve posted a picture of the latest Sports Illustrated cover featuring Aaron Rodgers, the number one fantasy football quarterback who is currently carrying my team in my fantasy football league.  The thing is, Rodgers is human, but thanks to the media, he is pictured as something greater.  He is an elite athlete turned superhuman.  I can feel power, strength, and pure manliness emanating from the picture.  Pictures turn people into legends, mold moments in history into history-defining moments.   Sports is perhaps the best everyday example of this phenomenon, and while some artists may avoid sporting matches, everyone can at least appreciate the art that is sports photography and the pull it has over our culture.

I’ve also posted a picture of LeBron James and Andre Iguodala because I love basketball.  A link to more Sports Illustrated covers is also included.





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