Telling a “Human” Story: Human Shadow Theatre on Britain’s Got Talent

A couple weeks ago, I posted images of human art.  Attraction, a human shadow theatre group, takes the concept of human art to another level.  With mere shadows, they tell a moving story in a unique and almost mystic-like manner.   I’m in awe of their precision and their total trust in one another to make the shape.  That’s true one team spirit!

This video also ties into our Project 2 because in a very “show don’t tell” manner, it creates a story with a very distinct timeline that could be sketched as a storyboard with five images (i.e. birth, graduation, meeting the girl, finding his mother is sick, and saying goodbye and also hello to his own child).  It was easy to follow and very powerful.   I think Simon started crying.  I know.  Epic.

Attraction ended up winning the 2013 Britain’s Got Talent competition.  There are other videos of them, but I like this one.  Their audition video is also very good.


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