Coffee Art

Whenever I think about coffee art, I always think about the pictures people make from the foam on top of their coffee. However, Angel Sarkela-Saur and Andrew Saur create a different twist on the words “coffee art”. After processing, they actually use coffee beans to create a different technique to paint with art.

I think it’s just really interesting that they used a different medium (coffee beans) in order to reinvent an already well-established art style (painting).


One thought on “Coffee Art

  1. Cool! This reminds me of a project I did over the summer. I was running an activity at a camp, and we were making treasure maps. To “age” the maps (and add to the mystery), we put coffee stains on the maps we drew. Our final products look nothing like the coffee art you posted, but it reminded me of it nonetheless 🙂 Also, our maps ended up smelling strongly like coffee (it was pretty gross). I wonder if this art has a smell too…


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