Graffiti Art on Wine Cases

MyFINBEC is an collaborative art project that gathers street artists from Europe every year. The artists each paint on wooden wine cases stacked on top of each other, the paintings will be used as the labels as well as the package designs.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.27.39 PM


Below is the video of the project in 2012 showing the stages of the event. It is pretty fascinating and inspiring to see the various possibilities created by the artists making use of sprays and other tools (brushes, threads etc.).

The colors in famous paintings

Hi everyone,

Here is a link with the color palates of world-famous paintings. Six major colors of each paintings are being extracted, and are shown in web-safe color patches.

The color reference charts create a minimal sensation and one can have a more intuitive approach, different from that looking at the original painting. It is also a pretty useful reference for web designing.