Burning Man

Just a list of cool Burning Man art installation. For those who don’t know what Burning Man is, it’s basically a yearly event in the desert where people gather and everything and anything goes.



Feeling Salty?

If you had 50 hours and 2000 pounds of salt, what would you do with it?  For Motoi Yamamoto, the answer is simple: make a salt labyrinth.  The patterns are meant to convey a sense of eternity while the salt itself is used because it possesses “a close relation with human life beyond time and space.”  In Japanese culture, salt is often sprinkled after leaving a funeral in order to ward off evil.

However, like most public installations, the salt labyrinths are impermanent.  Yamamoto encourages the salt to be returned to the ocean because he “likes to think the salt in his work might have, at one time, been part of some creature and supported its existence.”


Amalia Ulman – Faux Biebs Documentary

Hey guys,

This is a piece by Amalia Ulman called The Future Ahead. It is a faux documentary on Justin Bieber, which was part of her solo show The Destruction of Experience at the Evelyn Yard London that took place October 2014. Amalia came and did an artist lecture at penn a few weeks ago and showed this piece as part of her lecture.

Hope you find it interesting!