One Jelly Bean at a Time

This video by zefrank1 represents life in the form of 28,835 jelly beans, the average number of days an American will live.  Some of those jelly beans will be spent sleeping, working, traveling.  But after you “eat” those jelly beans, there are some left.  Jelly beans to be used for laughing, hiking, playing basketball, learning guitar.  Things that your heart desires.

How many of those jelly beans do you have left?  What if you only have half of those?  What if you only had one jelly bean left?  What would you do differently?

Zefrank1’s video makes you think about life and what it really is.  It’s a finite amount of time spent on this planet.  This artistic representation makes life seem so formulated, but it also touches you because it’s true.  It’s sad, yes.  But perhaps this is a good thing.  The only reason why we value life is because it is scare.  It does end and it can’t be recovered.  The video’s message?  Use your jelly beans wisely.


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